Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Curiosity: Where do you like to crochet?

Do you have a favorite spot that you gravitate to for crocheting? Do you have a cat or dog in your lap or a bird on your shoulder? What about food? Do you ever eat and crochet? How do you avoid the crumbs, grease, or other food leftovers? Does your family ever get irritated that you are crocheting too much? Do you watch TV or listen to the radio while you crochet? How about listening to an audio book and crocheting?

I look around my home and I have crochet just draped all over my couch and my desk. Those are the two areas I am at usually. I always have difficulty eating and crocheting, so I usually stick with doing the two activities separately.  I always like to watch TV when I crochet. I am not really watching the TV as much as I am listening to it. One of these days, I should actually listen to my audio books and crochet. I always forget what I have available to me. Most often, I have a cat on my lap or a bird on my shoulder. I struggle with this because if I am trying not to get cat hair on my crochet, I am dodging bird poop from my feathered friends. Large projects are in the biggest danger of being pooped on. Sometimes my birds are fascinated with what I am doing and they want to crawl all over my crochet and mouth everything. They think it is interesting. Much more interesting than the cats think. My cats just want to lay on it to say, "Look at me! Pet me!".

When I crochet, I like to marathon crochet. It can be annoying to some people that have lived with me because I tend to put everything else aside, for hours, until I cannot crochet any more. It is also frustrating because I am not good with stopping and starting projects.A lot of projects I stop end up not being finished for a very long time. Let's not talk about my UFOs. That's a whole other crochet issue!

What does your favorite crochet spot look like? Share!

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