Chapter Library

Below is a sampling of books from our chapter library.  For a more complete list, see the COTL Library account on Ravelry.  Members may request a book at or the current chapter librarian.

  1. The Big Book of Afghans, Annette Feldman, Van Nostrand Reinhold Co. 1981. 160 pgs.
    Instructions for 36 afghans. The book is divided into homogenous sections including sections for knitting and crochet, lap and crib. It’s an older book, so be aware that black and white pictures accompany the directions while pages of colored pictures are bound elsewhere within the book. The warm and fuzzy afghan that looks like the 60’s furry vests, Windswept that has embroidered grasses, woven Plaid and Minarets are particularly interesting.

  2. Country Afghans, The Vanessa An Collection, Margaret Allen Norhi, ed., Oxmor House, 1994, 144 pgs.
    Many techniques are shown here including appliqué, embroider, hexagon blocks, log cabin. Themes are of Teatime, and Nutcracker Sweet And, there’s even an alphabet so you can work names and dates, or other words into your work. This alphabet alone is worth taking some time with this book. If you are like me, when you need to add initials or a name or date to something, you can’t find an alphabet chart anywhere. Well now we know.

  3. The Great Afghan book, Columbia House, 158 pgs.
    70 afghans in 9 chapters and a wealth of designs that emphasize the basics of many techniques at many levels. Including broomstick lace, pictures, kids themes and filet crochet.

  4. Crochet Wear, Ann Regis, Leisure Arts, 2010. Jackets, skirts, shrugs, vests, hats.

  5. Knit Lit, Sweaters and their stories…and other Writings, Linda Rochaar and Molly Wolf, eds. Three Rivers Press, 2002, 270 pages. Ok, so its knit Lit but you’ll love the stories. Have you any of your own? Hey lets write the Crochet Lit version of this one. Anyone?

  6. Hooked for Life, Adventures of a Crochet Zealot, Mary Beth Temple, Andrew McNeil Publishing, 2009.161 pgs.
    There are stories in here, but all from one person. There are a few patterns too. How about making a Goth Princess toilet paper roll cover? anyone?

  7. Teach Yourself Visually Crocheting, Kim P. Werker and Cecily Keim, Wiley Publishing, Inc, 2006, 272 pgs.
    Yup, there’s a series of these books. The philosophy being, that pictures are more helpful that lots of words, or little drawings. You won’t find patterns here. You will find wonderful photos of hands making all types of crochet stitches. If there are gaps in your crochet knowledge, this is the books to get.

  8. I Taught Myself To Crochet, a Boye 31 page booklet., 1987.
    A mini introduction into afghan stitch, using a cro-hook, broomstick lace and Hairpin lace. Good pictures, and simple projects.

  9. Odds ‘n Ends to Knit and Crochet. A Leisure Arts Leaflet, 1977.
    6 pages. Hey, there actually is a pattern for golf club covers, bottle cap hot pad (see notes on this in the “Hooked for Life” book), and a ski helmet.

  10. Christening Sets for Him and Her, An American School of Needlework booklet. 15 pgs, 2008.

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