Friday, December 26, 2014

Using buttons with your crochet

In February, we had a lovely presentation from The Button Room.  Naturally, it got me thinking of buttons and crocheting: sewing on buttons, creating button holes and actually crocheting buttons.  So many options!

Here are a few resources to use if you're looking for ideas or help with incorporating buttons into your crocheted pieces.

How to crochet a button hole
Most patterns will instruct you on how to crochet the button hole row but here's a good video showing how to crochet a button hole into any piece.


How to sew buttons on your crochet
Here are two informative videos on how to crochet buttons on your crocheted pieces.  Both show how to sew on flat buttons but the first shows you how to make a shank for your flat button.



How to crochet your own buttons
Tamara Kelly wrote a great post on Moogly about Making Your Own Buttons with Crochet.  She's found 5 patterns detailing different ways you can crochet a button for your piece.  Making your own buttons is a great alternative if you can't find the size button you're looking for or you've run out.  Two more tutorials for crocheting buttons are on Lion Brand Yarn's blog where they give you step by step instructions and New Stitch a Day's How to Crochet a Button video.

Featuring buttons in your crochet you looking for something different to make with those odds and ends buttons you're not too sure what to do with?  Make a fun crochet button bracelet or necklace with dangling buttons for a little twist to your regular crochet.  Think of it as a scrap project but with buttons!

A huge thank you to The Button Room for a fabulous presentation.  You got our creative energies going to love and appreciate each and every one of our buttons and button projects!

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