Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Inspiration for our 2014 Chapter Challenge

We have a great chapter challenge for the year in honor of The Crochet Guild of America's 20th Anniversary theme, "Proud Past, Brilliant Future."  It all revolves around taking something old and making it new again.  Some of us have been crocheting for years while others are new to crochet.  There are so many ways to find inspiration but where should you start?

Here are some ideas of where you can find your challenge crochetspiration.

Check your personal library
Remember, the item or pattern you use must be at least 20 ore more years old.  If you've been crocheting for that long, your challenge project may be under your nose.  Check your older pattern books and magazines for ideas.  You may also find an idea in our chapter library.

Take a look online
Use the search phrase "vintage crochet pattern" and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results you'll get.  There's even a site called Free Vintage Crochet.  When you look at a pattern from this site, it will also link the pattern to the book it came from.
Check out thrift stores & estate sales
You never know what lovely crocheted pieces you may find when looking through thrift stores, antique stores and estate sales.  You may come across a lovely piece that you want to duplicate or turn into something else.

Ask your family and friends
You may not have to go that far to find your source of inspiration.  If you have family members who have crocheted, they may also have pattern books or pieces you can use for the challenge.

Remember, you can do anything you want with your piece.  The rules say that 75% of your piece must be covered with crochet.  You can look at an old piece and come up with your own interpretation of it.  You can find an old table cloth pattern and make the motif out of hand dyed yarn and make a scarf or another piece.  Or you can talk already made pieces and turn them into something different.  There's no end to the types of things you can make.

The clock is ticking!  You have nine months left if you're planning to be part of the chapter challenge.  We can't wait to see what beautiful creations everyone makes.

Need help or a refresher on the challenge rules?  Send us an email at

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