Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Review of Joan Davis' 336 Crochet Tips! The Solutions Book for Crocheters

Joan A. Davis is a Certified Crochet Instructor and a member of the Crochet Guild of America.  She has been teaching in the Palm Beach County School District Adult Education Program where she has taught more than 500 students.

336 Crochet Tips hits on many ways for you to improve your crocheting.  Some tips are reminders of things you already know and others give you step by step instructions.  There are also ways for you to push your creativity. 
Crochet Tips!  by Joan Davis

    The chapters are:
    1.  Introduction
    2.  My Crochet Tips
    3.  Basic Crochet Kit
    4.  Crochet Basics
    5.  Massage You Hands
    6.  Abbreviations and Reading Patterns
    7.  International Crochet Symbols
    8.  Hook Basics
    9.  International Hook Chart
    10. Yarn Basics
    11. End of Row: what to do
    12. Skill Levels & Metric Conversion
    13. Thread Crochet Basics & Steel Hooks
    14. Laundry Care
    15. Adding Yarn & Changing Colors
    16. Guage Basics
    17. Increasing
    18. Decreasing
    19. Motifs
    20. Edging and Insertions
    21. Basic Finishing Tips
    22. Basic Crochet Garment Tips
    23. Inspiration
    24. Resources

So, you can see this 280 page paperback book is filled to capacity and worth the $21.95.  It is a self-published book with many drawings and graphs.  It’s nice to have these tips all in one place.  This is a book to keep close when you’re crocheting.

by Susan Lutz Kenyon

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