Monday, February 18, 2013

Overcoming Restless Crochet Syndrome

Have you suffered from Restless Crochet Syndrome?  You know, when you really want to play with some great yarn but you have absolutely no idea what to make and even when you begin something, you’re just not happy with it and rip it out?  I’ve been afflicted with RCS more times than I’d like over the years.  Here are 3 techniques I try to help me out of the rut and get back to stitching.

Washcloth Patterns by Crochet Spot
Make something small & simple
It could be a washcloth.  Or a scrunchie.  Or a bookmark.  Or a flower.  Whatever it is, keep it something small and quick to make.  The sense of accomplishment will help pull you out of the depths of RCS and you’ll be ready to tackle that next big project.

Make a motif
This stays with the idea of making something small and quick.  It could be a granny square.  It could be a circle.  Lacy or solid.  It doesn’t matter if you plan to put something together with it now or not.  It’s an exercise to keep your fingers busy and make you feel productive.

Try something new
Many times, I find myself in states of RCS because I’m just bored.  Nothing seems to appeal to me.  That’s when I look through my many pattern and crochet how to books and find something new that I haven’t tried before.  I take the time as an opportunity to learn something new.

Crocheted Easter Eggs from Petals to Picots

Edge a fleece blanket
Whether it's for Project Linus or Kid's Korner, you'll feel super productive if you edge a fleece blanket.  And you'll feel extra great for making a blanket for a good cause.

Organize your yarn stash
Take a break from the hook and just play with all the fun fiber in your bins or drawers. 

Shell & V-Stitch Pattern from Crochet Today!
Read your old crochet books and magazines
Close your eyes and point one out.  Pick out a great collection of crochet patterns and read through it.

If you find yourself in a moment of Restless Crochet Syndrome, we hope it is short-lived and you’re back crocheting something fabulous once more.

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